Hidden Gems of Honduras: Salto de Ángel

That it took us well over a year of living in Honduras to even hear about Salto de Ángel (Angel Falls) will torment me. Don’t make our mistake: go here and go often. Nestled in the middle of nowhere, but somehow only an hour outside of Tegucigalpa, this waterfall seemingly cascades out of thin air.


And by that I mean there is nothing going on around it. While much more impressive than Pulhapanzak and much, much closer to the city, there is absolutely zero tourist infrastructure of any kind associated with Salto de Ángel. But that’s what makes it such a welcome escape from it all.


It’s actually quite easy to reach from the city if you know where to turn: an unmarked, unassuming dirt road that abuts the highway heading north of the city. From there, it’s about a 30-minute trek on dirt roads (and a few creek crossings) that are surprisingly well-maintained to accommodate the logging trucks and construction vehicles at work in the area. It’s easy to get lost if you’ve never been, but there are a few locals here and there to help guide you right to the top of the falls.


The view from the top is majestic, but you can’t drag yourself that far and not visit the falls from below as well. The nice dirt roads fooled us into thinking there would be a trail of some kind, but where the road ends, the riverbed begins. An hour of boulder hopping and stream crossing later, we could hear the rumble of water up ahead.

You cannot appreciate a random 100+ foot waterfall in the middle of nowhere until you’re sitting right below it. Having it entirely to ourselves was worth every moment spent hopscotching boulders and mapping which route would get us least soaked (hint: none of them, just get wet.)


This will be one of the days from Honduras that I will choose to actively remember. First, because it was a day spent entirely outside in nature, something so rare for us, and it was pristine and unpredictable in the very best ways. Second because we spent it in great company with a pair of friends who didn’t mind one bit that 3 hours quickly turned into 6 hours and our “hike” turned into something resembling more of a scramble.

While we plan never to return to Honduras once we leave, I am crossing all of my scraped up fingers that we get to share many, many more adventures with the people we’ve met here.


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