Have Orders Has Orders Again

We first got word of our next assignment as an early Christmas present, but we know how the Marine Corps works. Things can always change. Now that the official movement message has finally come out, I’m thrilled to say we’re heading to…

Ljubljana’s Triple Bridge, a two block stroll from our soon-to-be apartment!

Ljubljana, Slovenia!

Telling people where you’re going is half the fun, or perhaps twice as fun in this case, since the reactions are so varied. Slovenia is so off the radar for many people that they don’t know whether to give congratulations or condolences.

When we saw the highly-anticipated movement message with the available posts for our movement dates, Ljubljana was at the top of our list (not that we got to make one). Nestled between Italy, Austria, and Croatia, with beaches, mountains, lakes, and sprawling forests, there’s more running, hiking, eating, and exploring to be done in this region that we could possibly fit into the 18 months afforded to us. The only problem with this post (other than that dreaded cold, white stuff that falls from the sky a few months a year) is that we’re not there yet!

Lake Bled, about 45 minutes outside of Slovenia

Ljubljana is the largest city in Slovenia by far and it’s only home to about 250,000 people, just the right pace for us. Most exciting will be the juxtaposition of daily life in Ljubljana and Tegucigalpa. No more stifling security restrictions, running in small circles, treacherous roads, or suicidal drivers. Pedestrian zones abound and biking is one of the main forms of transit. Streets are lined with cafe seating and farmers’ markets. There’s an emphasis on spending time outside and it’s one of the greenest cities in Europe. In short, life is meant to be savored, not shuffled from home to work and back in a tinted vehicle.

Piran, on the Aegean Coast of Slovenia

There’s a hell of a lot to do in Slovenia and in the region at large. Venice, the Adriatic coast, and the Julian alps are all a day trip away. Dubrovnik, Cinque Terre, Vienna, and Budapest are all driving distance for a long weekend or vacation. But now I’m just getting ahead of myself!

It’s been a long 18 months of dreaming about and dreading all of the places we could go. Now that we know, it’s happening very fast. All that’s left to do in the next three weeks is move our entire lives roughly 6,000 miles. But who cares? We’re going to Slovenia!


5 thoughts on “Have Orders Has Orders Again

  1. Megan,

    I am so thrilled for you guys. It will be such a refreshing change from Teg. I wish you easy packing (not possible), safe travels, and I hope you love where you are going to live…You will be able to do lots of traveling to fun places in Europe also.

    Enjoy it all.

    Love, Grandma Sue


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