The Highlight Reel

Today marks one year since MSG graduation, which has me thinking about this blog, or lack thereof lately. I’m a firm believer in the old adage “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” especially when it comes to blogging. Hence the silence on this small corner of the internet for the past few months.

Many Foreign Service bloggers have defined what they call “the highlight reel”, or the fact that what we choose to share publicly usually only features the highlights and perks of this lifestyle (of which there are many, don’t get me wrong). But when things sorta just suck, it’s best we keep those thoughts to ourselves (or at least off the internet), burying them instead with a stream of overly-filtered travel pictures.

Perhaps my favorite take on the highlight reel is the title of this post by masterful blogger Abu Halen: “How Instagram Cannot Accurately Convey How Sometimes My Overseas Lifestyle Blows.”

To be clear, being on the Marine Security Guard program by no means “blows” and in the big picture sense neither does our life in Tegucigalpa. While we’re far from getting what we wanted, I know we’ll always have what we need and then some. Being grateful for the many perks of this life also doesn’t mean you have to love every second of it. Sometimes you need to step back and wait until you have something nice to say again.


Instagram can, however, accurately convey how much it sucks when a tarantula crawls out of your laundry…



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One thought on “The Highlight Reel

  1. Hi Meaghan,

    I am glad you are blogging again, even though I know you aren’t finding Teg the funnest place. Your Dad says you recently went to El Salvador and enjoyed it. (I think I am right about that.)

    Two more years and you will find out your next assignment in March I also understand….It will move along. It was so good to see you when you were home.

    I am doing well…busy with this and that. I love my writing group and also my discussion group. We have a lot of fun.

    Well, I am off to pull weeds…so fun. My garden is such a mess.

    I am planning a trip to England in the spring; two other such trips were cancelled by Road Scholar. This one will include a trip across the pond on the newly refurbished Queen Mary as well as time in England…should be fun!

    Love, Grandma Sue


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