In this season of rampant political oversharing, I have no desire to publicly voice my opinions on candidates, tragedies, gun control, or the like. But last night produced a moment worth sharing.

A crowd of Hondurans gathered outside the US Embassy in the pouring rain, not to protest as we’ve come to expect, but to show solidarity. The group bore gay pride flags, lit candles, and held signs showing their support for the victims in Orlando. In a country so riddled with its own unimaginable problems, it’s shocking and heartwarming that people would care so deeply about our country’s problems.

This place is known for its big, seemingly insurmountable issues. But, it’s also home to many people with big hearts and undeterred spirits. I’m as guilty as anyone for failing to see the latter more often than not. So to those outside last night, thank you for the much-needed reminder.




One thought on “Solidaridad

  1. Hi Meaghan,

    I love this. You are right. I, too, don’t think that others in other countries follow these tragic events and respond with sympathy and solidarity. Even more so than some others in our country.

    I love your posts and miss seeing you….I guess we will either later this year and if not, next year for sure.

    Love, Grandma Sue


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