“Everything that divides men…” and the Men Who Put it Back Together

If you’ve watched a shred of news in the past 6 months, you won’t be surprised to hear that the U.S. has reestablished ties with Cuba. A big part of this, obviously, is reopening the U.S. Embassy in Havana.

I texted J, who is two weeks deep into MSG School, on Friday to tell him I was watching the live feed of the flag raising, only to find out he was watching the same thing.

It was amazing the watch MSGs, new and old, raise the flag. The 3 Marines who took down the U.S. flag 54 years ago presented it to 3 current Marines serving in Havana. I have typically thought of MSGs as glorified button pushers (J’s words, not mine!) but it’s little things that aren’t quite so little that make me realize what an amazing ride we’re in for.

Secretary Kerry quoted a line from José Martí in his speech that really resonated with me and reminded me why I’m so eager for this journey to begin:

“Everything that divides men […] is a sin against humanity.” 

So, here’s to the MSGs playing a small part in bringing us back together. Below is a little snippet of Marine Security Guards taking history full circle:


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