For Better or Worse or MSG

Detachment Commanders get the added perk of bringing their spouse along to post. Alas, the two people who always swore they would never get married… got married!

The picture we sent to family and friends post-marriage, since we didn’t tell anyone beforehand. Sorry, ma!

J and I meandered down to the courthouse in beautiful little Beaufort, NC yesterday and got married in a small civil ceremony. In true eastern North Carolina style, we were married in the lobby of the jailhouse while the Magistrate used her body to block the door from having people enter through our “ceremony”. J and I stumbled over the prescribed vows which resembled Shakespearean English more than any language we actually speak, but I like to think that just made it more memorable.

Looks like J is stuck with me now… for better or for worse, or at least for MSG!


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